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FAA UAS Symposium Time of Year

From the FAA mission statement – 

“We are accountable to the American public and our aviation stakeholders.” 


After 20 years of work towards NAS integration, I like to keep with tradition, and this is
where I suggest the FAA folks and their minions reread the agency mission/vision
statement. Golly, why would we need to suggest they do that? As usual, the AUVSI
firewall doesn’t offer up any press passes for the rest of the stakeholders’ AKA bag
holders. The paywall makes it challenging to educate those who cannot afford to see
the spectacle in person. 

There is more mumbo jumbo in the Values statement-

“Excellence is our promise. We seek results that embody professionalism, transparency,
and accountability.” 

However, that does not apply to those who refuse to pay the ransom imposed by the
world’s largest advocacy group. Other Federal agencies, such as NASA, hold
symposiums for free. So why does it cost the taxpayer $399 to access public employees
in this case? Why does the FAA UAS symposium cost so much?

I’m going to save you unwashed bag holder types some hard-earned dough. This year’s
script will glorify the BVLOS ARC, the diverse participation, and hard work. The true
believers will ooh and aah about all of the promises of BVLOS and that the FAA should
simply implement the recommendations. 

Heck, some carnival barker from Amazon might even say the ARC recommendations
make the hundreds of dollars a delivery worth it. If history is our guide, we may have a
long wait. The Part 107 report was published on April 1, 2009, and the FAA took seven-
plus years to churn out the well-intentioned rule. 

Five-plus years of FAA part 107 favour waivers do not constitute progress, and I don’t
care what anyone says. I will concede that getting rid of the Amazing Grogan was
progress, and yes, that is me throwing a compliment to the FAA. 

Unfortunately, we cannot count on the “advocates” or lobbyists to ruffle any BVLOS
recommendation feathers by suggesting an expedite. They would risk losing the
lucrative Fortune 500 Part 107 waiver and exemption gravy train.   
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