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Spoofing DJI Aeroscope

If you are the sort of person that enjoys their privacy or you are in a situation that makes you want to cloak your operations, there is a solution.

It has been on GitHub for four years and needs resurfacing. The ESP8266 single-board computer used can be picked up for less than $10 USD in most countries. It is very short range but in numbers.

Just to sort of technology to get working in the comfort of your own home and send to a friend for Easter.


ESP8266 based WiFi spoofing throwie example for DJI DroneID (Remote Drone Identification broadcast)

A more robust software-based implementation is located here:

H.A.R.D. – Hackers Against Remote DroneID

  • use a throwie for anonymity! Make yourself a needle in a haystack.
  • copy and rebroadcast someone else’s valid ID?
  • create a ‘vanity swarm’ around your aircraft, or location for lulz! #Skypeen #AirDicks
  • generate arbitrary flight path trails to form polygons
  • create randomized fuckery for Remote Drone ID receiver operators (such as DJI AeroScope users)
  • test your own Remote Drone Identification technology for flawed logic.

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