Uplifting the State of Drone Security – Nexus Nine and DroneSec a united front

Two firms exchange tools and tactics in the global effort against rogue drones and
evaluating the effectiveness of the systems that counter them.
Nexus Nine and DroneSec are delighted to announce the signing of a Memorandum of
Understanding between the two companies. The partnership brings complementary capabilities to both parties, further strengthening their combined offer to the global marketplace. The MoU provides a joint-curriculum catalogue of training courses and improved UAS Threat Intelligence monitoring which, when combined, enable the training provision to remain fresh and relevant.
Nexus Nine will be using the DroneSec Notify UAS Threat Intelligence Platform to keep their
customers informed and alert, whilst contributing to the global threat operating picture. DroneSec will be using the Nexus Nine’s experienced staff, doctrine and unique C-UAS Operational Analysis and Requirements Generation tool, “SCAR”, to enhance C-UAS protection and understanding, and to
provide next-generation training to new and existing customers.
Together, the alliance will generate over one thousand graduates versed in UAS Cyber-security, Counter-Drone Test and Evaluation Operations, and deploy real-time UAS intelligence and Operational Analysis to more than two hundred organisations across the globe. With the increasing impact COTS drone attacks and the need for robust countermeasures, the partnership seeks to solve these industry challenges.
DroneSec CEO, Mike Monnik said, “Nexus Nine has exceptionally skilled operators who deliver specialised work on systems that are meant to protect and save hundreds of lives. Combining their knowledge with the DroneSec reach and technology will remove information silo’s and empower our customers. We’re excited to provide this joint-capability, along with world-class intelligence, to our customers in 2022.”
“At Nexus we believe in raising awareness and standards throughout the UAS and C-UAS sphere. DroneSec and Nexus are complimentary in that regard and combining our people, experience, knowledge, and tools will only enhance, protect, and support our customers capability developments.

This really is exciting for both companies and indeed for the industry.” Nexus Nine’s CEO, Mick Davidson.

About Nexus Nine

Nexus Nine are a UK based UAS/C-UAS Test and Consultancy house, with over three years’ experience in live testing C-UAS systems for the UK Government, including the MoD. The company owns a comprehensive fleet of UAS, with extensive operating permissions (such as EVLoS/BVLoS). The Nexus team includes highly qualified civilian and former military
pilots/engineers from Fast Jet, Multi Engine, Rotary and RPAS backgrounds and aircrew with Operational Evaluation Unit experience (Test and Trials professionals), Weapons/Tactics/Electronic Warfare Instructors (Threat/Countermeasures/Sensors experts who support Vulnerability Assessments and C-UAS equipment down-selects), Central Flying School accredited training staff (air/ground) and acquisition specialists, who can assist with identifying and drafting User requirements and in generating the necessary rigour to ensure that any solution proposed is achievable and measurable, using industry-standard Systems Engineering disciplines.  Nexus Nine personnel have extensive Operational experience including The Former Yugoslavia, Ukraine, Iraq, and Afghanistan across the full spectrum of warfighting. Nexus have current civil rated pilots, who intimately understand airspace and airfield restrictions, and have experience of working inside regulatory bodies, such as the UK CAA. Several of the Nexus team also hold current Security Clearances for work of a
more sensitive nature.

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About DroneSec

DroneSec are revolutionising Threat Intelligence, Cybersecurity, and training within UAS/C-UAS, for customers such as the European Commission and UK Law Enforcement. The Notify UAS Threat Intelligence Platform provides a live, 24/7 view of drone incidents, threat actors and events around the globe. The Drone Security Operations Certificate (DSOC) and its
training program is the most established UAS/C-UAS training in the world, with hundreds of students from Military, Government, Law Enforcement, Physical and Cybersecurity industries. The DSOC is used by drone security consultancies and counter-drone vendors for baseline employability and is a recommended certificate by security teams. The DroneSec team includes former military pilots/engineers from Fast Jet and RPAS backgrounds, Penetration Testers and Red Team Operators from the cyber and physical security domains. DroneSec has fostered the UAS/C-UAS community with contributions to frameworks, research and by running the bi-annual Global Drone Security Network (GDSN) conference.

DroneSec is building software and training that is providing a safer, more innovative world for drone operations.
https://dronesec.com | https://training.dronesec.com

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