Featured Multirotor


The BUG PLUS features a dual vertical gimbal EO/TI camera with 5-inch blades reducing the acoustic signature and increasing performance of the sub 250g platform.

Open communications architecture transforms the BUG PLUS into a network asset by integrating a MANET system* on-board.

The BUG PLUS can be further enhanced through the modular payload bay making it both an incredibly effective ISR communications platform.

*MANET system may increase BUG PLUS weight over 250g

  • One of the few UK manufacturers to have UAVs tested by 700X (TAA)
  • Only company in the UK to offer same controller and same ground-control system for entire UAVtek fleet  
  • Utilise open architecture principles & Defence Standards to integrate with wider Defence capabilities.
  • Integrated with TAK
  • Integrated with multiple radio bearers
  • Custom build experts – from concept to prototype fast. 
  • Able to offer many features competitors cannot.
  • Only nano drone in the world to fly for 38 mins
  • Only manufacture worldwide offering tether system to comply with UK HSE of 110v or less.
  • Largest, most portable, and easiest to break-down 3m fixed-wing
  • Off-the-shelf airframe and components where possible, reducing repair time & cost.
  • Offers multiple modular payloads – payload capability fully customizable.
  • Only UAVs with full HD live streaming
  • Multicast equipped fleet (broadcast footage and data to multiple command & control points simultaneously) 


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