Vira M-450f ARK

Vira M-450f ARK

Vira M-450f – an automatic drone for rescue services

The system consists of: vehicle for transportation of rescuers and special equipment.

An unmanned vehicle (OPTIONALLY controlled from a remote console) vertical takeoff and landing, both on land and on water, with a maximum take-off weight of up to 450 kg and a maximum flight speed of up to 150 km / h, suitable for use as a car trailer on public roads, for rescue and fire-fighting operations both inside and outside the city, as well as in adverse weather conditions and inaccessible areas.

The core feature of the drone design is its outstanding stability, which ensures cargo safety, precision control and smooth operation in difficult weather conditions

Payload 750 kg Take-off weight

Range of flight200 km

Maximum flight altitude3000 m

Speed125 -150 kph

Meteo maximum in the wind 18 m per sec

Warranty period 500 hours

Overhaul 1000 hours

Production time 3 months