Silent Falcon Babson College Announce Joint Program

Silent Falcon UAS and Babson College today announced the kickoff of a Joint Management Consulting Field Experience where a team of Babson undergraduate and graduate students will be assisting Silent Falcon UAS in a three-pronged effort to enhance the market share and visibility of the innovative UAS data collection and operations company.

Silent Falcon, UAS a spin-off of Bye Aerospace is a UAS data collection company that also manufactures long range multi fuel powered drones for specialty customers. The company is rapidly expanding and has agreed to sponsor and oversee the Babson College team as it advances into new markets.

Babson College established in 1919 and located in Wellesley MA.  is the top rated undergraduate and graduate school in the nation for Entrepreneurship. With over 3350 graduate and undergraduate students from more than 80 countries Babson offers its students not only outstanding academics but innovative hands-on, real world learning experiences.

For Silent Falcon UAS, the Babson team will be focused on producing a “white paper on the cost saving potentials of the Company’s innovative PCI Plus program, generating a digital marketing campaign utilizing the Linked In platform and creating a marketing plan for Silent Falcon in the rapidly expanding Asian Pacific market.

Babson College project leader Karyn Glemaud-Anis, a graduate student will head the team joined by undergraduates Yingtong “Stella” Chen (Undergraduate), Yuzhe Huang (Undergraduate) ,Jiaxi “Cathy” Liang (Undergraduate) ,Tianyi “Sunny” Sun (Undergraduate) and Wilson Xu (undergraduate) .

“Silent Falcon, with its machine learning AI approach to UAS data collection puts it on the cutting edge and we are excited to be part of the effort” said Mrs. Glemaud -Anis team leader. “This is a tremendous learning experience and hopefully we will provide valuable information and insight to the company.” She concluded.

Silent Falcon CEO, Grant Bishop responded “We are overjoyed to be joined by this talented group of students from Babson College. We are looking forward to integrating their entrepreneurial ideas and their energy into our company.”

ABOUT Babson College

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Silent Falcon UAS is a Data Analysis company utilizing remote sensing data capture georectified to the National Geodetic System and analyzed by Proprietary AI-Deep Learning software.  SFUAS AI is applicable for safety, security, military, and commercial markets including airfield pavement and roadway management, oil and gas pipeline inspections, large scale agriculture, natural resource management, security/ISR, public safety, and mapping/surveying.

SFUAS is a US company that supports US manufactured, developed, and designed products.  We support a diverse and remote workforce ready to deploy 24/7 for our customers needs.   SFUAS provides full service to customers, including operators of the aircraft and a full turnkey collection of data analysis, report, and storage services for airport operators and engineering firms.  The company has operations centers in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Front Royal Airport, Virginia. For more information, please visit: