CAP 2272 – Key Considerations for Airspace Integration within an Urban Air Mobility Landscape

The UK Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) Regulatory Sandbox helps industry innovators to increase their chances of complying with future regulations.

This is achieved by ensuring development activities identify the key challenges that innovation can bring in terms of safety, security and consumer protection.

By working with innovators via the Regulatory Sandbox, the CAA aims to tackle challenges at an early stage, helping to accelerate the pathway to approving novel technologies and concepts.

Following the launch of our Future Air Mobility Regulatory Sandbox, a consortium led by Eve Urban Air Mobility Solutions came together to consider the UK case. The consortium, working together with the CAA Innovation Hub, are developing a concept of operations for Urban Air Mobility (UAM) operations, focusing on the transportation of passengers over London in novel vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) vehicles.

Within this publication we share the key considerations for integrating UAM operations into UK airspace from the perspective of the Eve case study.

The work being done within the Sandbox is still evolving,but by sharing work as it progresses we hope to support innovators wishing to influence and implement airspace design, procedures and infrastructures for safely integrating UAM operations into low-level airspace.

The CAA Innovation Hub welcomes feedback on these key considerations to help us to identify other areas to explore and continue our iterative learning process.

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