Many of the same issues and human performance factors apply as equally
to drone/UAS pilots as to aircraft pilots and, where we can learn from
something that has already happened to someone and been reported, it is
to everyone’s benefit.

Although those who are flying their drones/UAS commercially should in the first instance report any incidents through their company safety management system, CHIRP is a conduit for all drone/UAS pilots to confidentially share their HF experiences in a safe way that enables others to learn. CHIRP never passes on
the details of reporters to third parties, and any contact we have with outside
agencies is done in a manner such that reports are not only disidentified but
circumstantial information that might identify someone is removed.

In the last nine months, CHIRP has developed its Drone/UAS activities on several different fronts. A Drone/UAS Programme Manager has been recruited to develop and then action a strategy for the programme, which was approved by the Director Aviation and the Trustees. An Advisory Board has been set up, and had its first meeting in January. The second meeting took place on 29th June with a third planned
for the end of 2021.

An Advisory Board Chairman has also been appointed and we would like to welcome Rob Buckley who volunteered for this newly established role. Rob is a trained aeronautical engineer and a very experienced large model aircraft pilot who also has experience with large UAS. He will help guide the Drone/UAS Advisory Board in the coming months as we set up specific operating procedures and processes and transition to a fully functioning Board.

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