Eye-bot and VEERUM Team to Deliver a Comprehensive 3D Visualization of Critical Assets in Oil & Gas

Eye-bot and VEERUM Team to Deliver a Comprehensive 3D Visualization of Critical Assets in Oil & Gas

Eye-bot Aerial Solutions (Eye-bot) & VEERUM recently announced a Premier Partnership to deliver access to the most comprehensive advanced 3D datasets in the Oil and Gas, Construction, and Infrastructure sectors. Combining Eye-bot’s 3D datasets — derived from drone and ground-based data collection and data processing, with VEERUM’s asset management and visualization software equals unparalleled value for asset and capital project managers as well as a myriad of other stakeholders.

The collaboration between Eye-bot and VEERUM enables an asset owner to remotely access, collaborate, and analyze asset data in the context of 2D and 3D modeling. “Capturing the right data sets for a capital project is only as good as being able to use that data to drive better decisions,” said Jake Lydick, Founder & CEO of Eye-bot. “Remote work teams will collaborate inside the VEERUM application with the visual 3d data sets to make informed decisions.” 

Dmitry Gurevich, IT Director PA Chemicals Project, said  “An accurate presentation of the existing site condition and the as-built state against the design 3D model of the facility enables us to analyze the deviations that have occurred in the course of the installation and to make informed, evidence-based decisions. The high-fidelity 3D reality capture blended with the 3D design model data becomes a foundation for the digital twin of the facility and unlocks new ways of working. For example, new workflows for managing change and executing plant modifications, that otherwise would not have been feasible.”

“Connecting asset information in the context of a collaborative 3D visualization tool unlocks use cases across the entire asset lifecycle. In less than 48-hours after data capture, any project team can be up and running on VEERUM,” added Trevor McMaster, Chief Client Officer.  “Alongside Eye-bot, we can help clients reach a return on their investment in one month, saving them millions of dollars on critical construction projects as well as operations management.”

The Eye-bot and VEERUM collaboration can reduce operational site exposure hours by 50%, reduce inspection costs by up to 25% and improve construction progress reporting by over 30% in accuracy and availability.

About Eye-bot Aerial Solutions

Eye-bot is a global drone data company headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, specializing in data acquisition, processing, and producing high-quality datasets for a variety of asset management applications in the Oil and Gas, Construction, and Infrastructure sectors. For more information about how Eye-bot advances digital transformation strategy for its clients, eye-bot.com/veerum


VEERUM allows you to be on site without going to site. VEERUM provides the primary visualization and analytics application to combine all CAD, geospatial, document management, IoT, and operational systems. Clients can now elevate all their siloed and valuable data into an easy-to-use cloud-based application. Our clients are accelerating the transition to digital asset ownership, effectively building and maintaining the world’s critical infrastructure. Go live in 48 hours with VEERUM. For additional information: veerum.com

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