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Vertiport automation software architecture and requirements

The purpose of Vertiport Automation Software Architecture and Requirements was developed to mature the Vertiport Automation System (VAS) described in the High-Density Automated Vertiport ConOps, into a set of artifacts that enable the development of a VAS prototype. The scope of document was to develop:

(1) A VAS Software Architecture diagram that logically organizes VAS functionality into specific software components;

(2) VAS Software Trade Study identifying existing commercial products and NASA research that can be used in part or with modifications to fulfill VAS functionality.

(3) A set of VAS Functional Requirements which decompose the VAS concept into software functionality, including any interfaces and data flows needed;

(4) A set of VAS Test Approaches describing a methodology for verification of the VAS Functional Requirements; and

(5) An application user experience (UX) design study describing the general features needed in a VAS

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