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Robomasters at Texas A&M

This weekend the very first Robomasters NA competition will take place in the United States 

This year’s event is being hosted by Texas A&M University, the North American teams generally participate in DJI Robomasters held in Shenzhen, China however due to the COVID pandemic the NA teams weren’t able to travel.As a result, DJI has worked with Texas A&M University to host Robomasters NA in the US this year so the competition can continue. 

The competition will be taking place this weekend from the 19th-21st June with around 7 teams from 12 different universities across Mexico, Canada and the United States are participating.

The entire competition will be streamed on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/robomasterna with three of Texas A&M students commenting on the event live. .

DJI RoboMasters: https://www.robomaster.com/en-US

TAMU hosting RoboMaster NA: https://www.robomasterna.com/

RoboMaster NA Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/robomasterna/

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