Drone Defence launch Aeroping – location & e-identification broadcasting device for existing drones

Drone Defence launch Aeroping – location & e-identification broadcasting device for existing drones

Benedict Mason

We are committed to enabling drone technology and demonstrating its potential, whilst supporting a sustainable future where drones change the way we view, interact with, and move around our world.

There is an ever-increasing need for a real-time drone transponder and e-Identification to increase airspace safety, to enable a future where drones can share the skies with manned aviation, and with each other.

Recognising this need, governments and aviation authorities around the world have recommended that all drones, including existing ones, should be electronically conspicuous by law.

We have today released AeroPing, a small and lightweight electronic device that easily attaches to existing drones. It provides e-Identification and location, with a very high degree accuracy, in real time.

When drone pilots use AeroPing, authorities and air traffic managers can visualise and track drone flights alongside manned aircraft on our AeroTracker interface, which is available on a wide range of devices and is set to be released shortly.

A preview of our AeroTracker interface, which displays drones alongside manned aircraft in real time

On this interface, airspace managers and drone users can set customised geographical warning zones. When an aircraft is detected inside a designated area, real-time alerts and notifications are displayed on the interface and can be sent to a device of the user’s choice – including mobile phones and smart watches.

Full and comprehensive flight logs are also stored on the AeroTracker interface, which can replay previous flights in full.

Combined with the AeroTracker interface, AeroPing provides a complete solution for authorities and air traffic managers to identify and track drones alongside other forms of aviation in their area of responsibility, whilst providing reassurance, real-time information, and flight logs for drone operators.

AeroPing has many real world uses for drone operator too, including:

• Increasing airspace safety by improving awareness

• Automatic flight log recording for pilots.

• Increasing accountability.

• Unlocking restricted airspace.

• Enabling operations alongside manned aviation.

• Supporting insurance claims with an independent source of data.

• Aiding in drone fleet management.

• Tracking assets in real-time.

• Acting as a defence if accused of breaking drone regulations.

Richard Gill, our CEO and Founder, said:

“We believe that by tracking all aircraft, we can unlock the skies. AeroPing, alongside the AeroTracker interface, is designed to do just that”.

It has the potential to be game changing; it will enable drones to be integrated into our skies alongside manned aircraft, with data that can be assessed in real-time by relevant authorities and drone pilots”.

“Our AeroTracker interface makes the process simple, and is available on a variety of platforms, with the ability to send zone alerts sent directly to smart watches or to mobile phones”.

“We are proud that our work here at Drone Defence has the potential to enable the future of drone technology, and believe AeroPing, alongside the AeroTracker platform, will be a true game changer”.

AeroPing is lightweight, durable, and easy to use

AeroPing devices operate completely independently. They have their own power source and sensors for position, altitude, temperature, pressure, speed and direction. A drone operator simply attaches AeroPing to a drone, and it is ready for use – it’s that simple.

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