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More U.S. Law Enforcement Organizations Choose WhiteFox for Drone Detection and Tracking

The use of drones in criminal activities is on the rise, and law enforcement organizations are using new equipment and tactics for prevention and prosecution. 

WhiteFox Defense Technologies, Inc. has delivered the DroneFoxTM Counter UAS (CUAS) system to a major US city’s police department. DroneFox is an omnidirectional drone detection, identification, and mitigation system. The system has demonstrated the ability to detect and track drones at ranges over 15 km during customer testing. The system enables the user to assess the threat level, including the drone and pilot’s location and movement in real-time – a massive advantage in a world quickly experiencing a rise in drone threats.  

Drones continue to be used in criminal activities, including monitoring police movements during protests, capturing harassing photos of private citizens, and interfering with law enforcement helicopters, such as a near-collision with an LAPD helicopter. Waco, TX, recently saw a string of robberies that began with burglars using drones to spy on vacant homes before stealing over $200,000 in cash and valuables. As consumer drones become more accessible, the need for counter-drone technology becomes imperative. DroneFox  locates and tracks reckless and malicious drones. Authorized users can also employ DroneFox to mitigate drone threats, safely landing them. This rich dataset and analysis capability enables law enforcement to better respond to drone incidents.  

“Our goal is to even the playing field. Drones have an amazing capability for good, but also are causing millions of dollars of delays and damages. WhiteFox continues to deliver our life-saving products around the world even during the global pandemic, which has only increased the demands for our products both in austere environments and closer to home with our law enforcement officers on the front lines of this problem,” says WhiteFox CEO Luke Fox.  

This DroneFox contract is one of many, as more organizations seek to utilize WhiteFox products and services as their trusted choice in counter-drone technology. 

About WhiteFox Defense Technologies, Inc.: Headquartered in California, WhiteFox’s mission is to keep the sky open for responsible pilots by creating solutions that advance drone technology for a better world. As a global leader in pioneering the safe integration of drones into society and offering worldwide drone airspace security solutions, WhiteFox is securing trusted autonomy through transparency and accountability in our skies. 

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