brigkAIR’s last call:Be a challenger of the brigkAIR accelerator program!

brigkAIR’s last call:Be a challenger of the brigkAIR accelerator program!
We are a startup incubator with an accelerator program designated to startups of vertical mobility solutions.We offer a new home for international startups in the fields of drones, air taxis, counter drone systems, drone related services, and drone racing. Trough a unique infrastructure and mentorship, our startups will grow rapidly and sustainably. brigkAIR will launch the first batch of their accelerator program in the second half of 2021. Startups will then have the opportunity to acquire the fundamentally important skills of entrepreneurship in a kind of boot camp in 6 to 9 months, as well as a lot of additional information and know-how in the field of air mobility. We are looking for innovative, likeminded companies that want to be a first mover in the era of vertical mobility and attract press attention. Now is the right time to challenge an aspiring startup in the first batch of our accelerator program!
Become a challenger until April 15!
A suitable startup will be searched for the respective challenge in the matching phase. The challenger and the startups will be in close contact for 6 – 9 months to master the challenge. At the end of the program, the startups will present their prototypes on our demoday.  
Does this sound interesting to you?Or would you like to know more about the accelerator program? Then send us an email to: