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India- The future Drone Hub of The World

Indian Institute of Drones expands its Franchisee/Partner portfolio with a total of 13 Offices across India.

The Indian commercial UAS market is expected to touch $885.7 million, making it about 4% of the nearly $21.47 billion global market. At the same time, it accounts for 20% of global imports of UAS, making it the fifth-largest importer of drones. This indicates the presence of demand beyond the military.

With steady progress in the regulatory framework in India, the demand for Drone Solutions and Services are rocketing upwards. The requirement of skilled pilots is ever-growing in this industry. Indian Institute of Drones provides the nation’s highest quality drone training with a simple yet comprehensive model for enterprise clients, government agencies, public safety departments, and individuals.

Equipped with a highly trained staff that have many years of experience in the aviation industry and also in the drone industry, primarily from the defence background with certifications from the Ministry of Defence through their respective wings (Army, Navy or Air Force) the instructors aim at nurturing the rapidly growing UAV (Drone) market in the civilian sector. Drones are going to use the same airspace which is used by manned aircraft and hence it is important to have trained pilots who have expertise in the application-based use case of drones.

The Joint Secretary at the Ministry of Civil Aviation has repeatedly mentioned his goal of making India the Drone Hub of the world, which will require a self-sufficient ecosystem to be created in the country.

With an increasing number of drone projects and government tenders, an estimated 70,000 drone pilots will be needed by 2022.

Indian Institute of Drones with its headquarters in Delhi NCR has expanded its training centres to 13 franchises across India covering Noida, Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Dehradun, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Bharuch, Guwahati, Vijayawada, Vishakhapatnam and Kozhikode.

Indian Institute of Drones strives to enhance the future of the youth with unprecedented
standards in interactive teaching and practical training in the field of unmanned systems
technology. IID invites individuals and organizations to get trained on drones at any of our centres.

About the Organization:

Indian Institute of Drones is the No. 1 Drone training institute in India. Having trained more than 2200 Drone Pilots in India, it specializes in training professionals and Drone technology enthusiasts who have the willingness to learn the art of flying drones to carry out UAV piloting and operations with great emphasis on flight safety and security issues.

For more information please visit, www.indianinstituteofdrones.com
Contact: [email protected], +91 7780108418

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