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Aerospace Startup, LaunchPoint, Releases New Hybrid Generator for Electricity-Powered Flight

GOLETA, California – A newly released, hybrid-electric generator system developed by Santa Barbara-area startup, LaunchPoint, opens up new possibilities in the fast-growing field of hybrid electric-powered flight. The product is currently available only from LaunchPoint and is shipping to domestic and global customers.

Created by a team of elite engineers over a decade, the LaunchPoint HPS400 GenSet is a 40kW generator with the capacity to power large drones and flying vehicle missions that require extended ranges of flight. This innovative technology offers new opportunities for companies working to develop extended-flight, airborne transportation and cargo delivery systems for what’s known as the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) markets.

Until now, the 40kW market has been underserved. LaunchPoint developed the HPS400 GenSet with the goal of fulfilling this unmet demand, and sales of the product have been swift since its release.

“We’re thrilled to announce the launch of this 40kW hybrid power system,” said Rob Reali, LaunchPoint’s CEO. “Given our work the past ten years in the space, we know this is a product that the market wants and needs, and we’re excited to see how quickly the AAM markets continue to adopt our hybrid electric propulsion systems.”

Highly efficient and power-dense, the HPS400 GenSet uses LaunchPoint-patented technology including an air-cooled alternator, lightweight aircraft engine, software and controls and a battery management system that allows for in-flight battery charging.

Other features include SmartPoint Control Software, an air-cooled alternator and electronics, CAN communications to the flight controller for monitoring system status, automatic throttle control to match the bus load and share power with the battery, and fans and radiators sized to ensure sufficient engine cooling in hover and other low airflow conditions.

LaunchPoint is delivering the new 40kW genset along with its 6kW hybrid-electric genset to commercial aerospace, automotive and air taxi companies globally. The firm has also secured more than$1.25 million in grants from the U.S. Department of Defense to develop hybrid-electric flight technology for flying cars.

Started six months ago as a spinout from Goleta-based technology incubator and think tank, LaunchPoint Technologies, LaunchPoint has already secured multiple patents, product sales, and contracts for both commercial and government markets. The Company plans to further expand its team and manufacturing capabilities in the coming months to meet growing demand for electric flight propulsion systems.

For more information about the LaunchPoint HPS400 GenSet, contact Chris Grieco, Vice President of Business Development and Sales, at 1-805-679-3072 or via email at [email protected]

LaunchPoint EPS is located at 5735 Hollister Ave., Suite B, in Goleta. For more information call 805-683-9659 or visit https://www.launchpointEPS.com/.

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