PATS – Indoor Drone Solutions

We design drones that eradicate flying pest insects

Our bio-inspired solution proactively controls harmful insect populations. The bat-like drones work autonomously and keep plagues in check. By selectively eliminating harmful insects the ecological balance in a greenhouse ecosystem is sustained.

With this approach we enable sustainable insect control in horticulture, to facilitate the market’s needs to become more sustainable. By replacing conventional insect control methods, we help growers to mitigate the risks of crop damages, as regulations on the use of insecticides become stricter. Moreover, we directly reduce costs involved with insect control practices.

PATS Drone

The drone is sent after the insect and mechanically eliminates it mid-air, when they are most vulnerable. This prevents further spreading of the pest through the greenhouse.

PATS Base Station

Our base station acts as a warning system, scanning the environment for insects. When a harmful insect is detected, the station launches a small drone that chases the insect.


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