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Successful flight test of unmanned compound helicopter “K-RACER”

Kawasaki Heavy Industries has succeeded in a flight test of the unmanned compound helicopter ” K-RACER ” at the Taiki-cho Multipurpose Air Park in Hokkaido .

We demonstrated the technology of a conventional helicopter with an unmanned tester aiming at high speed, which is technically limited, and in this test, we were able to confirm stable flight by autonomous control.

This machine is a special type of testing machine called a compound helicopter, which has a main rotor (4 m in diameter), main wings and propellers on both sides instead of a tail rotor, and has left and right propellers. Allows the torque associated with the rotation of the main rotor to be canceled and forward thrust to be generated. In addition, in forward flight, the main wing shares the lift, reducing the burden on the main rotor and enabling high-speed flight that cannot be achieved with conventional helicopters.
This machine was developed by the Aerospace Systems Company, and the power source is the supercharged engine of our motorcycle ” Ninja H2R ” due to the technological synergies of the Motorcycle & Engine Company and the Technology Development Headquarters .

We have many delivery records of various helicopters, including the BK117 helicopter series, which is active as a firefighting / disaster prevention and doctor helicopter .
The results obtained in this test will be utilized for the development of VTOL ( vertical take-off and landing ) aircraft such as manned / unmanned helicopters and aircraft operation systems linked with various services. While aiming , we will continue to contribute to society through aviation technology, including the realization of the VTOL system in the future .

RACER-K: K Awasaki R Esearching A Utonomic C Ompound To E Xceed R is an acronym for otorcraft.

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