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Meet the Future of logistics – HUBVERY secures efficient distribution

Our proprietary AI allows you to send, receive, and track your package real-time. A network of charging and navigation hubs cut delivery routs by using the latest automation and drone technologies while utilizing motor vehicles for greater mobility.
✓ Faster time frame
✓ Competitive pricing
✓ Reliable speed    

Smart and on-demand delivery to and from wherever you are

HUBVERY was founded with the innovative spirit of exponential thinking and looks to optimize logistics by using exponential technologies. While incubated at SU | NASA — located at the heart of Silicon Valley — we saw that in order to expedite the applications of emerging technologies people need their resources on time. However, getting those resources in a timely manner won’t happen ‘the old way’. For that reason we are matching our skills & knowledge in Deep Learning, Drones & Quantum Computing to sketch a new distribution model.

Besides, research confirms that, “the most challenging and costly ‘last mile’ of delivery, in particular, becomes more fragmented, exploiting new technologies.” Therefore, we want to speed up deliveries with intelligent & autonomous drone hubs that decrease last mile costs. HUBVERY is the new age of delivery & the future of logistics.

Technology solutions to improve last mile delivery:

The ‘last mile age-old problem’ is currently affecting global e-commerce companies & in that sense every company of the future.

In order to address a sector estimated to be worth more than USD $80 Billion & a market projected to reach USD $15.5 Trillion by 2023, HUBVERY has invested in the first intelligent and autonomous drone charging mobile station. 

Our HUBS network offers charging pads for delivery drones on the go, as well as, communication, data distribution, advertisement, and the handling of your parcel while allowing real-time tracking and safely completing the last mile.

What are the costs of last mile delivery?

As a share of the total cost of shipping, last mile delivery costs are substantial — comprising 53% overall. And with the growing ubiquitousness of “free shipping”, customers are less willing to foot a delivery fee, forcing retailers and logistics partners to shoulder the cost. As such, it’s become the first place they’re looking to implement new technologies and drive process improvements.

Discover how will HUBVERY allow you to get the best delivery ever for the lowest costs. Email us…

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