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IVEX and Siemens partner to improve the simulation and validation of Autonomous Vehicles and ADAS solutions

As part of its vision and continuous efforts to enhance and guarantee the safety on the roads IVEX and Siemens Digital Industries Software (SISW) have partnered to improve the validation and verification of autonomous vehicles (AV) and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). This strategic alliance benefits AV/ADAS developers in their simulation, validation and verification efforts.

With Simcenter Prescan360, Siemens delivers a solution for massive virtual validation and verification of automated driving functions. In a unique combination with newly introduced raw sensor acquisition systems, Siemens enables engineers to design and test technology to make vehicles drive autonomously. The process leverages well-known products like Simcenter Prescan and HEEDS and the recently introduced Simcenter SCAPTOR solution.

IVEX Safety Assessment Tool is used to identify safety critical and edge case situations in recorded or simulated driving data supporting the validation of AV/ADAS functions. Siemens and IVEX are collaborating to create the most streamlined toolset available in the market. The integration of a trustworthy simulation environment from Siemens and the smartness of the qualitative safety metrics from IVEX will make engineers working on AV/ADAS achieve even better results in their work.

This partnership enables customers to get better products faster to market, without compromising safety, and to turn the achieved superior process efficiency to their strategic competitive advantage. 

With this new alliance, both companies are helping to bring safety to our roads faster and further in the world.

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