Beagle Drones Launches Kickstarter Campaign for NOVA

Princeton, NJ – November 3rd, 2020 — Beagle Drones is proud to release its 3rd
drone, NOVA, on Kickstarter launching today.

Designed with content creators in mind, NOVA is a ready-to-fly, FPV drone equipped with a built-in 4k camera and lightweight cyberpunk shell design. NOVA will be 248 grams, meaning a drone license and FAA registration will not be required to fly. The lightweight design makes NOVA great for travel and capable of both indoor and outdoor flight.

No action camera required! NOVA will come standard with a 2-in-1 camera system
capable of transmitting FPV footage as well as recording 4k video at 60/30fps and
1080p 120/60/30fps via a micro USB card.

NOVA will have approximately 6 minutes of flight time per battery, 2 included, with battery upgrades available.

Beagle Drones is launching their NOVA Kickstarter with a goal of $5,000. NOVA is
available at a super early bird price of $369 (limit 15), an early bird price of $429 (limit
25), and an MSRP of $499. This includes everything needed to fly: NOVA drone,
controller, FPV goggles, and 2 batteries. Limited edition NOVA shirts and masks will
also be available.

After our successful Neo 2 Kickstarter last year, we have high hopes
for this year’s NOVA Kickstarter!

“Our products, although technically an FPV product, it’s geared toward a content
creator. That’s really who we build for. With the NOVA, you take it out of the box and
you go.”

  • Dwight Neptune, CEO
    For more information on NOVA and the Kickstarter campaign, please click here.
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