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Indian Institute of Drones launches Multi-Rotor Drone Engineering Course

With an abrupt rise in demand for Drone Solutions and Services, Indian Institute of Drones has launched a brand new training program called Multi-Rotor Drone Engineering Course.

There is a ponderous shift in the mind of present generation of students from conventional engineering courses to tailor-made courses which focus on emerging technologies. Multi-Rotor Drone engineering course is tailor-made to cater to
the requirements of engineering enthusiasts.

With a wide array of topics like Drone Terminology & Types, Assembly of a Multi-Rotor, Introduction to Ground Control Station and Use of Artificial intelligence in Drones; the course provides the student with a complete understanding about the engineering behind a Multi-Rotor Drone.

The student will get hands-on experience on Multi-Rotor Assembly, Get trained by
expert instructors, and learn how to troubleshoot technical problems, learn emergency
procedures and get in-depth information on the Drone market.

The Multi-Rotor Drone engineering course will help you enhance your technical skills
which will be useful to get a job in the Drone industry. This is a tremendous opportunity
for the current generation of students to ride on the Drone technology wave that is
spreading across India.

In order to get more information about this course visit www.indianinstituteofdrones.com.

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