Digi-Key Electronics Partners with Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) to Host eGaN® Motor Drive Webinar

Register for the Harness the Power of GaN for Smaller, Lighter, More Precise Motor Drives webinar at EPC’s webinar page: https://epc-co.com/epc/EventsandNews/Events/Webinars/How-to-GaN-Webinar-Series/MotorDrive-Digikey.aspx

Digi-Key Electronics, the leading global electronic components distributor, announced that it has partnered with Efficient Power Conversion Corporation (EPC) to host a webinar on how to harness the power of eGaN FETS and ICs for motor drives. The webinar will take place on October 28 at 8 a.m. PST.

The webinar will be presented by Alex Lidow, CEO and co-founder of Efficient Power Conversion Corporation (EPC), and renowned GaN textbook author who will show how GaN-based solutions are improving motor drives by enabling smaller, lighter, more precise systems. Attendees will review some critical applications using these systems including e-mobility, cobots and robots, DC servo drives, drones and automotive.

“We’re excited to partner with the leading experts at EPC to share this incredibly relevant content with our customers,” said David Stein, vice president of global supplier management at Digi-Key. “As GaN power technology continues to play a more dominant role as a future solution for power transistors, we are glad to both provide our customers with the knowledge and resources, as well as the widest selection of products and components available in today’s market.”

Digi-Key customers should register for this webinar to learn more about the value of eGaN devices for 48V motor drives and key application markets, to review EPC’s product portfolio for motor drives, and to get an inside look at a Field Application Engineering Lab in Italy where Marco Palma will give attendees a demonstration of a GaN-based motor drive.

“Digi-Key has been a fantastic supporter and partner of EPC and our eGaN products from day one of our commercial launch more than ten years ago,” said Alex Lidow, CEO of EPC. “We are thrilled to collaborate with them to bring this webinar focused on GaN solutions for motor drive applications to the engineering community, furthering our collective mission to assist our customers in extracting the full capabilities of eGaN FETs and ICs in their designs.”

Digi-Key offers the largest selection of GaN power tech products available from a single distributor, with more than 100 transistors and drivers, and Digi-Key customer service is always available to help customers determine the best motor drives available for their project.

To learn more and register for the webinar, please visit the registration page.