Aerial Data Collection By Mothership Aeronautics Solves Cadence, Resolution, and Cloud Cover Issues That Hamper Satellite-Derived Imagery Analysis

TAMPA, Florida – Simularity, a Geospatial AI company, and Mothership Aeronautics, a
provider of aerial data collection products and services, have established a partnership that combines Simularity’s automated persistent change detection and classification with
Mothership’s aerial geo-coded imagery collection services.

Similarity and Mothership are working together on a monitoring service for local governments. Mothership specializes in designing unmanned aircraft data collection missions that can capture ultra-high-resolution imagery of cities and provinces.

Simularity’s automated imagery analysis software can detect persistent changes, such
as illegal dumping, using the imagery collected by Mothership. The high-resolution
imagery leads to exceptional accuracy in detecting problems local governments face,
helping them locate issues while the problems are still of manageable size. 

“Our technology combined with data collection advantages of Mothership Aeronautics
provides our customers with a solution that gives the level of detail and accuracy that
local governments need to monitor their areas” said Liz Derr, CEO of Simularity.  “Many
of the issues of concern to local governments, such as blight, encroachment, illegal
construction, and polluting, are difficult to spot with the image resolution available from

“The level of detail we can provide with our image collection is stunning, but it’s a lot of
information for geospatial analysts to process.”  Said Jonathan Nutzati, CEO of
Mothership Aeronautics. “Using Simularity’s automated software to process those
images gives local administrators the knowledge they need to make timely and informed
decisions,” he added.

Simularity Inc. is a Tampa, Florida-based Geospatial AI company, that specializes in
developing robust, accurate, automated AI analysis for satellite imagery to predict,
detect and classify significant changes happening on the ground and at sea. 
Mothership Aeronautics is a California-based company that specializes in designing
mission-specific unmanned aircraft and data collection strategies. Their solutions are
characterized by long flying times, often by the use of alternative energy sources, such
as solar power.