Demonstrating BVLOS UAS operations in non-segregated airspace

We are pleased to announce that the Aviation Innovation Centre at Goodwood Aerodrome has been selected to be the host location for a highly innovative project to demonstrate Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) operations in non-segregated airspace.

Trax International, ANRA Technologies, uAvionix and Plane Finder are industry partners who have been awarded UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) Funding to demonstrate their technical solution. They were chosen by UKRI as the solution is considered an essential enabler for a multitude of UAS projects that would allow more effective recovery from existing and/or future CV19 impacts.

Temporary Danger Areas (TDA), like the one at Goodwood, are currently established to provide airspace segregation between BVLOS operations and other airspace users.  As demand increases, multiple TDAs pose a safety risk in terms of airspace complexity and efficiency.

This project aims to deliver a known operating environment, without the necessity for a TDA, within which all airspace users are detected and presented to the UAS operator in order to provide a robust ‘Detect and Avoid’ capability which is as good as, and quite likely superior to, the ‘See and Avoid’ capability of conventional aircraft under Visual Flight Rules (VFR).

The UAS Traffic Management solution being developed will enable BVLOS operations to be integrated into the manned aircraft environment in a safe and seamless way. Additionally, the project will take advantage of the UK CAA’s intention to utilise 978 Mhz as a second ADS-B frequency to share surveillance and flight information data with other airspace users.

Live trials are planned to take place in early 2021 at Goodwood Aerodrome. Successful trials would enable the Aviation Innovation Centre to provide the first unsegregated BVLOS airspace in the UK and facilitate the development, testing and demonstration of BVLOS operations without the requirement for a TDA whilst significantly enhancing the safety of all airspace users in the local area.

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