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Anduril Introduces Ghost 4

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of Ghost 4, the most intelligent VTOL sUAS.
Designed and manufactured in the United States to meet the unique needs of our military users, Ghost is Anduril’s newest product in our suite of defense technology solutions. Ghost provides real-time intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities, creating a common operating picture which enables servicemen and women to make more informed decisions.

Ghost is a best-in-class, autonomous, modular and flexible sUAS that operates on Anduril’s secure Lattice software platform. Ghost is multi-mission capable and man-portable. The advanced all-electric powertrain provides more than 100 minutes of flight at a full mission payload with a near-silent acoustic signature.

Truly Autonomous:

Ghosts are fully autonomous, performing complex missions and presenting all actionable data to a single operator without increasing their cognitive load. Ghost is controlled entirely through the Lattice software platform and requires minimal operator training.

Ghost is an incredibly intelligent sUAS with an onboard Lattice AI Core capable of performing 32 trillion operations per second, which is nearly 100 times faster than the computational speeds of other sUAS currently available.

Ghost harnesses the Lattice AI Core to run computer vision and sensor fusion algorithms at the edge, enabling Ghost to identify, classify, and track objects of interest in low-bandwidth and contested environments with a low radio frequency signature.

Ghost can fly on local, secure, closed-loop networks; or for distributed operations, on encrypted backhauled networks. These configurations allow the Ghost sUAS to be flown from anywhere in the world, with remote commanders collaboratively viewing live video and data feeds to monitor mission progress.

Ghost is also able to collaborate autonomously with other Ghost assets on a wide variety of missions. For example, if one Ghost registers low battery, it can cue another asset to seamlessly continue the assigned mission with no human intervention.

Intelligent Teaming:

The Ghost platform drastically reduces manpower and pilot skill requirements, enabling one operator to command and control large teams of autonomous Ghosts from a single ground control station. Groups of Ghosts collaborate to achieve mission objectives that are impossible to achieve via a single unit. Additionally, Ghosts communicate status data with one another and can collaborate to conduct a “battlefield handover” to maintain persistence target coverage.

This swarming capability also enables advanced data collection that would be impossible with a single airframe, distributing synchronized sensors and relaying data across a sky spanning web.

Flexible, Modular Platform:

Ghost is a modular, fully customizable platform containing multiple waterproof payload bays with data and power links for easy payload integrations by customers, Anduril or third parties. The airframe can be outfitted with a variety of sensors, payloads, effectors and power sources that are configurable for any mission and can be field-swapped in just seconds.

The flexibility of the airframe means new payloads can be integrated easily as they become available. This ensures that obsolete payloads, sensors, and cameras will never hold back the rest of the system. Ghost will always be relevant and equippable with the most advanced technology available.

Multi-Mission Capable:

Ghost sUAS is a multipurpose drone and can be used on a variety of mission types including aerial intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, cargo delivery, counter intrusion, signals intelligence and electronic warfare.

Ghost is equipped with an Anduril EO/IR gimbal and can support other mission payloads like sensor balls, electronic warfare systems, spotlights, designators, communication relays and loudspeakers onboard the aircraft simultaneously. This allows the operator to easily and instantly switch between mission profiles in a single flight. Ghost’s single-rotor design enables precise vertical takeoff and landing from confined spaces in land and maritime environments and gives Ghost the ability to hover in place for long periods of time.


Ghost uses advanced metal alloys and carbon-fiber composites that are both lightweight and tough and is intended for expeditionary missions.

Ghost can be safely carried in a rucksack and rapidly assembled from fully packed to takeoff in less than a minute by a single operator. Since mission data is processed using Ghost’s onboard AI, operators need only a laptop or mobile device paired to a small ground control station to fully utilize Ghost.

Waterproof and Weatherproof:

Ghost is ruggedized and weatherproofed developed specifically for heavy use in adverse
conditions and challenging flight environments. The airframe can withstand mud, freshwater, and saltwater projection from any angle and is submersible up to one meter, allowing Ghost to perform missions in maritime environments. The advanced flight control systems allow for operations in high winds and the metal chassis, frame and payloads can withstand environmental stressors without interruption to the mission.

Previous versions of Ghost are currently deployed in support of the U.S. Department of
Defense, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and The United Kingdom Ministry of Defence.

We can’t wait to get Ghost 4 into their hands and skies.

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