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RCBenchmark motor test stand

A premium thrust stand which measures all you need to know about your propulsion system. Record thrust, torque, voltage, current, motor rotation speed, and vibration.

The Series 1585 is a new and improved version of the Series 1580. It has a better dynamic response, a higher power capability, and a better electrical noise immunity for cleaner measurements.

It comes with a USB interface and software for automated control and data-logging.

Measure Propeller and Motor Efficiency

Maxime flight time and performance 

The Series 1580/1585 measures torque and derives from it the efficiency of your motor. It provides professional characterization and helps you to find the optimal propulsion components in your project.
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Series 1580Series 1585
Max. Thrust5 kgf5 kgf
Max. Torque1.5 Nm1.5 Nm
Max. Voltage35 V50 V
Max. Current (coutinous)40 A55 A
Max. Force Measurement Rate8 HzUp to 80 Hz
Series 1580/1585 brushless motor test stand

A Turn-Key Solution for Drone Designers 

DAQ system, hardware and software included

With everything included in the box, you don’t need to build or use multiple tools for your tests.

Everything is included in the Series 1580/1585 bundle: the data-acquisition circuit, the custom made load cells and the holding structure. 

It even includes a torque and thrust calibration kit with a precision calibration weight, ensuring your measurements are accurate.

Series 1580/1585 thrust stand kit
Series 1580/1585 thrust stand top view

Adaptable and Easy to Use 

Fits any type of brushless motors

The Series 1580/1585 thrust stand comes with a built-in precision ohmmeter for motor winding resistance measurement, and it has expansion ports to connect additional sensors.

The motor mounting plate provided in the kit allows to test any kind of small to medium size brushless motors.


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