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HEISHA Launches Its Latest Advanced Boxed Drone Hardware Platform, D.NEST

HEISHA , a provider of drone charging solutions and unattended drone systems have launched a new boxed drone hardware platform, D.NEST , with a limited time promotion to celebrate the launch. The first 200 users who purchase a standard D.NEST will receive a Mavic 2 Zoom or a $ 1,126 discount on their purchase. 

D.NEST, which is based on the third generation of HEISHA’s C500 charging plate and IR centering protection which has been improved and perfected over 3 generations, is a reliable and stable automatic drone charging solution. D.NEST, which is equipped with a separate T3 monitoring battery, built-in AI computer, remote control base and local router, is easy to maintain and reuse. In addition, the hardware platform can serve as a data center and a control center for different robots.

HEISHA operates an open source API and SDK code, which makes it highly compatible. Designed for use with the DJI Mavic and Phantom series, D.NEST can also be customized for use with the M200. M210, M300, M600, open source UAV and fixed-wing ADAV.

HEISHA, which is equipped with the  K100 5 in 1 control board and industrial grade materials, also provides a useful, stable and cost effective drone loading platform.

Unattended technology is slowly helping to improve our lives, but the high cost and maintenance of automated systems is preventing their adoption. With the aim of providing easy access to aerial data, HEISHA launched the world’s first universally compatible and cost-effective drone interface. Our goal is to create a future where everyone can have a bird’s eye view from their mobile phone

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