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GeoAcuity hires Dr. Greg Crutsinger as Director of Applied Research

GeoAcuity, a geospatial-consulting firm with offices in California and Louisiana, is excited to announce that Dr. Greg Crutsinger has joined their team as Director of Applied Research. Greg will assist the company in strategic planning, data analytics, and educational content as the firm continues to grow its offerings. 

Greg has over two decades of experience in education, research, and the drone industry.

During his tenure in academia, he obtained a doctorate in ecology from the University of Tennessee, was a Miller Fellow at UC Berkeley, and led his own research team as faculty at the University of British Columbia. Greg left the university setting to join the drone sector.

He has worked for leading drone hardware and software companies, including 3DR, Parrot, and Pix4D.

Over the past three years, he ran his own data consultancy, Scholar Farms, where he partnered with global leaders in commercial agriculture. In addition to his expertise in vegetation mapping, Greg has assisted in rapid drone data capture efforts in the aftermath of major California wildfires, including the Camp Fire in Paradise in 2018.

“We are very excited that Greg has joined the team,” says Jason Knowles, CEO and Founder at GeoAcuity. “His strong background in research and teaching, as well as years of experience in commercial drones will help GeoAcuity continue to grow its offerings in the environmental, academic, and government sectors. We also appreciate his thought leadership and shared dedication to providing high-quality geospatial solutions to customers.” 
More information about GeoAcuity can be found at  www.geoacuity.com  or reach out over email at  [email protected]

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