TEKEVER UAS opertates BVLOS in more than 20 countries

TEKEVER UAS perform regular Beyond Line of Sight operations in close cooperation with manned assets
. TEKEVER systems have been used in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea to monitor illegal migration

“COVID-19 highlights the importance of unmanned technology”, said Ricardo Mendes TEKEVER CEO

Lisbon, July, 2020 – TEKEVER announces that its unmanned systems have surpassed 2,000 flight hours in support of maritime surveillance missions in Europe. The company has been carrying out operations using its AR3 and AR5 systems, which offer more than 16 hours of endurance, for maritime surveillance, pollution monitoring and supporting the fight against trafficking, illegal migration and illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing.

The surveillance missions, in partnership with local authorities, have mostly carried out within European airspace with an emphasis on Italy, Spain and Portugal, among others.

However, the company is also extending its services in other parts of the world, operating in more than twenty countries. In African and Southeast Asian countries, where the TEKEVER’s products and services are gaining very notable interest, the company also offers support to multiple types of land-based missions, including detection and monitoring services for rural and forest fires.

“In addition to developing cutting edge technology, we’ve had the opportunity to be deeply involved in hundreds of maritime surveillance missions, operating our systems to provide our customers with actionable, real-time intelligence”, states Ricardo Mendes, TEKEVER’s CEO.

“Our operational teams have now thousands of hours of experience across our platforms, make our products simpler and safer to use, more mission effective and operationally more efficient. We’re working everyday with security forces and aviation authorities in Europe and abroad, bringing them this accumulated experience to help make unmanned systems a wide-spread reality in support of non-military operations throughout the world”, added the Ricardo.

“Part of our mission is to help detect situations where lives can be saved and provide the
authorities with intelligence that can prevent further illegal activities. During the
pandemic, we’ve witnessed a meaningfully increase in demand for our products and
services. COVID-19 highlights the importance of unmanned technology, as it provides the
authorities with tools that can be effective even while operated from a distance in safe
environment”, said Mendes.

It is important to remember that in 2017 TEKEVER was awarded contracts by the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) that could be worth up to EUR 77 million, to set up the first commercial European maritime surveillance and environmental monitoring service based on unmanned technology. Operations have been ongoing for over two years, and TEKEVER systems are being used in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea to monitor trafficking, illegal migration and IUU (illegal, unreported and unregulated) fishing, in operations that are closely coordinated with other airborne, maritime and land-based assets from each countries’ security forces.

TEKEVER’s unmanned systems are developed and produced in Europe, in development centers and manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom and Portugal.

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