Get your Free Copy of the 2020 sUSB Journal!

With COVID-19 we decided not to hold an in-person event, breaking our 7-year show streak.

We did however; decide to move forward with the Journal.

The Journal usually consist of articles with lessons from the field and/or regulatory and technology issues facing the unmanned systems community. This year we have quality pieces in the same vain.

From Brock Gibson, past VP at Insitu, we get insights into what went wrong with NAS integration.

Drone Port Kentucky talks about their vision, we hear about legacy issues with Geofencing from the SF Drone School

Research Center and DroneUp’s Melanie Harris outlines the structure of a sustainable drone program.

We’ll hear insights into drone light shows, how AI is redefining drone utility inspections, and yours truly highlighting some of our domestic supply chain issues.

If that wasn’t enough, we have a history section with an article from the Aviation Unmanned Vehicle Museum; select FAA documents outlining operating procedures prior to the arbitrary FAA policy clarification, and responsible operations of UAS circa 2007.

Good reading for the holiday weekend!