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DroneStream launches Enterprise 2.0 and closes funding round

Oxford UK, June 2020. Dronestream releases its flagship Enterprise software, built to improve remote capabilities for drone pilots and their teams or clients. After participating in the SSAP accelerator in Sweden, Dronestream adds a multinational technology company as one of its investors.

About Dronestream

Dronestream sought to overcome one of the barriers limiting the full potential of widely used small Unmanned Aerial Systems utilised by the commercial drone operator. This barrier originates from the pilot having difficulty in sharing live aerial insights they are receiving from the drone, and sharing it to the rest of their team, subject matter experts, control rooms or perhaps clients. Live streaming video to several sources is not enough to gain true situational awareness.

That’s why Dronestream added live map insights, comms and the ability to effortlessly save a record of the finished live stream, synced with the telemetry and communication throughout the flight.

Features are not the only important aspect of live drone streaming operations. The ability to join the live stream effortlessly from anywhere via 4G/LTE/5G or WiFi via any device is critical to the flights collaborative success.

Dronestream Enterprise

The new Enterprise product has been built from the ground up, based on a foundation of feedback from thousands of Dronestream customers over the past year. New features boast a completely revamped web portal and mobile apps to bring unrivalled usability to our customers. Pilots can enjoy a ‘plug-and-play’ capability to completely remove any need for technical know-how with setting up video and data streaming. Organisations can manage their pilots usage, viewers, records and more from a secure and intuitive web portal.

Live streams transmitted and received do so via a highly reduced bit-rate to ensure that the stream is stable even in low to moderate bandwidth conditions – without sacrificing video quality.

Thanks to the new modular approach to Dronestream Enterprise, customers can request bespoke features and equally we can rapidly deploy new scalable updates due to the cloud based architecture throughout our user-base, without any downtime.

Mobile website experiences can leave much to be desired, so Dronestream is proud to say we have rolled out our product natively on iOS, Android, SmartController, CrystalSky and Web to ensure users can start and access a stream with minimal effort.

Dronestream is currently exploring opportunities with mobile telecommunication companies on how 5G can further enhance drone technology, taking advantage of the low latency capabilities this technology provides.

COVID-19 Impact

Dronestream has seen a spike in the need for sharing live drone data to reduce the need for additional employees on site, and de-risk the potential spread of COVID-19. Dronestream is helping organisations to work remotely, while collaborating with a single drone operator on the site they aim to survey.


Dronestream participated in the SSAP accelerator program in its Mobile Communication head office in Sweden, a stones throw from the birthplace of Bluetooth technology. The team worked alongside world leading Engineers, business experts and advisors to perfect its offering, which resulted in an investment from one of the world’s largest technology companies. This allows
Dronestream to push forward on its continuing R&D efforts to combine unrivalled usability with advanced remote drone capabilities for businesses. “SSAP have propelled Dronestream into new ways of thinking about the future” said Harry Howe, CEO and Co-Founder of Dronestream.

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