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Azur Drones raises an additional $2,9 million for its SKEYETECH autonomous drone and strengthens its management team

Azur Drones, European leader in autonomous drones, announces that it has finalised a new fundraising with a French private investor. The group has now raised nearly $29 million in just under 4 years.

The health crisis as a lever for new opportunities

This new fundraising will contribute to the continued deployment of the SKEYETECH autonomous drone in France and abroad supported by an increased demand resulting from the Covid-19 situation.

“The pandemic has highlighted a need for automation and new technology to guarantee continued industrial activity and limit human exposure during interventions. The resulting economic crisis also requires businesses and States to optimise their indirect costs by using technology that supplements human systems.

Our SKEYETECH solution is completely in line with this logic and we are delighted by this fundraising that will make it possible to fulfil an ever-growing order book.”, explained Jean-Marc CREPIN, CEO of Azur Drones.

Developed for the surveillance of sensitive and industrial sites, SKEYETECH autonomous drone is designed to be operated directly by a security guard. As such, it requires no prior skills, nor any remote pilot certifications. The drone fits directly into the existing security system to carry out specific checks, perimeter patrols or to assist security teams during an intervention. It thus allows to strengthen security levels on installations while making the costs of those operations profitable.

Management team structuring Azur Drones is also strengthening its management team with the following appointments:

• Grégoire LINARD as Deputy Managing Director in charge of R&D,
• Antoine LECESTRE as R&T Director,
• François COUTANCEAU as Industrial and Supply Chain Director,
• Nicolas DOUAUD as Quality and Certification Director.

In addition to these internal promotions, Emilie LERUSTE is joining Azur Drones as CFO. Emilie
LERUSTE has 15 years of experience with the General Electric Group and excellent knowledge of the industrial sector and international financial systems.

“We are delighted with the arrival of Emilie LERUSTE in our management team. Her recruitment, combined with the extra fundraising, will make it possible for us to sustain the ramping up of our production and customer deployment activities. We have already launched new recruitment campaigns for engineers and technicians.”, explains Nicolas BILLECOCQ, COO of Azur Drones.

Several SKEYETECH systems are operational in France and the Middle East. Azur Drones, the holder of the first autonomous flight authorisation in Europe, is continuing its new customer installations while keeping its technological and regulatory lead.

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