Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Reject jamming and continue flying with the UAV Helicopter Alpha 800 and its GPS denied navigation capability

Meaconing, Intrusion, jamming, and Interference are of primary importance when it comes to UAV operations. MIJI refers to the interception and rebroadcast of signals that are more powerful than those used to navigate an aircraft. Although attacks of this nature are possible on any type of signal, the GNSS is the most affected.

The UAV Helicopter Alpha 800 equipped with the UAV Navigation Autopilot rejects interference from a range of anti-drone jamming guns, and continues operating with no major issues.

Interception is resisted due to the non-dependence of GNSS for critical system loops, allowing for continued operation without multiple cross supervisory logics. When jammed, the Alpha 800 will continue flying without GNSS, escaping the jamming range to enable GPS and finish its mission.