Alpha Unmanned help found Respondrone

Alpha is a proud founding member of the Respondrone project

This is a 3 year, EU funded project to develop a situational awareness system for First Responders, for use in emergency situations like earthquakes, fires and floods. Within this project Alpha’s helicopter UAVs will be responsible for all the airborne missions. For instance to gather video and mapping data, provide first aid kits in hard to reach places and provide airborne communications for First Responders in areas where the infrastructure is severely impacted.

These missions will be uniquely flown in an especially developed autonomous multi-UAV mode.

We would like to express our sympathy and solidarity with all those who have been affected by the virus and the subsequent lockdowns, and hope that it will be over soon.

At the EU-funded ResponDrone Project, which develops situational awareness system for first responders, we are doing our best to continue our work, although many of our partners are on the front line of fighting the spread of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

As a project that is aimed at addressing the needs of first responders, we are fully aware of the tremendous efforts made by all emergency rescue and health organizations all over Europe.

The current crisis illustrates the benefits arising from using drones to fight the Coronavirus including operating from a safe location, enforcing social distancing guidelines and the delivery of healthcare goods to infected areas.

The ResponDrone platform offers, inter alia, the following advantages:

  • Multi-UAV operations by reduced piloting crew
  • Simultaneous data distribution to all stakeholders involved via web-based cloud technology
  •  Dynamically calculated flight trajectories for each drone to ensure safe UAV operations