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Agility Prime Time

My first impressions are that the Agility Prime effort is both infectious and inspiring, and if you haven’t already guessed it, what you are reading now is my version of a feel-good story. This effort has some real top-notch advocates as well as a star-studded cavalcade of participants and presenters a veritable who’s who in the flying zoo. Industry folks that know Col. Diller say he is a sharp guy, and I don’t doubt it, always a good thing to have smart people running the show.

There is lots of positive energy and as many people who have been looking for outlets for their work. The breakout room networking sessions were outstanding, but I do believe they could have benefited from a host or facilitator to help streamline some of the shorter sessions. Participants see this as an opportunity to showcase solutions and capabilities just waiting in the wings to share. My five-day takeaway confirms that the engineering expertise and technology to make the Agility Prime effort a reality are most certainly available or solvable domestically.

Some of the pundits have gone as far as saying that the “Air Force is kickstarting the flying car industry!” The seasoned veterans of the drone saga are still a leery anytime they hear kickstarting and crowdsourcing the world’s smartest flying anything. I will stop here and employ the last thought to segue into a follow on story highlighting some of the historical issues that could potentially hinder this otherwise fantastic effort.

If you haven’t been on the zoom meetings, they are weekly, and I would recommend that you sign up and see for yourself.

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