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SUGUS project launches survey for the U-Space and GNSS communities

 SUGUS (Solution for E-GNSS U-Space Service) is a European Commission’s project to promote European GNSS services (EGNOS and Galileo) for the integration of drones into the airspace.
 The survey will be available on the project website until May 15: https://projectsugus.eu/survey/

SUGUS, the European Commission’s project for the development of E-GNSS (European Global Navigation Satellite System) services for U-Space, is carrying out a survey to identify, gather and understand the U-space stakeholders’ needs, and to improve user experience of E-GNSS in complex operations and built-up areas.

SUGUS members would like to invite all the stakeholders to take part in this survey, including suppliers of U-space services, manufacturers of UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) platforms and GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) receivers, UAS pilots and operators, public bodies, authorities and organizations, and centers for UAS testing and training.

The survey will be available until May 15.

The survey results will be used as a valuable input to tailor the E-GNSS Service Provision layer to specific drone missions’ needs, allowing a better mitigation of risks in complex operations like BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) and UAM (Urban Air Mobility), increasing safety and security. Also, the points of view collected will help to define the requirements and then the implementation of a new E-GNSS-based API which will deliver live and forecast information about performance, coverage, alerts to users, etc.

The API will be called upon by UTM service providers, UAS designers or UAS systems developers, and integrated in existing commercial solutions.

Miguel Aguilera, European Commission Advisor, explains that “the survey organized by SUGUS is a key element for E-GNSS Programs to capture user requirements of the drone community.

The results will be used to enhance EGNOS and Galileo Service Provision targeting drone operations, increasing safety and security, and facilitating a swift and efficient deployment of U-Space”.

About SUGUS Project

SUGUS (Solution for E-GNSS U-Space Service) is a European Commission’s project to promote European GNSS services (EGNOS and Galileo) for the drone market and for the effective and safe integration of these aerial platforms in the airspace. It is a European Union H2020 R&D project to be carried out by GMV (main contractor) and everis Aerospace, Defense and Security as co-leaders of a consortium also involving VVA Brussels, ESSP, FADA-CATEC and Unifly.

SUGUS will help to develop services geared towards the effective integration of drones into the airspace. A series of trials will be held to show the benefits of E-GNSS for drone operators, as well as its approval by aviation authorities.

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