Wingtra partners with Russian distributor, Technokauf

Wingtra Russia

Technokauf specializes in providing geodetic, navigation and laser equipment solutions for customers across a range of sectors. Over the past decade, through demonstrating exceptional service and a keen focus on high-quality equipment and software, Technokauf has expanded its portfolio and collaborates with the largest distributors and equipment manufacturers in Russia.

The firm is now involved in building and road construction, railways, marine construction and navigation, as well as a range of other projects. To expand further, Technokauf is looking into the highest quality hardware and software to bolster its remote/aerial sensing offerings. Along these lines they have now begun to offer leading-edge UAV-based laser scanning and photogrammetry equipment that has the potential to provide solutions to forestry, agriculture, mining, and civil projects among a range of others.

To learn more about Technokauf, visit their website.