Impossible Air Support Program

Impossible Air Support Program

Impossible Aerospace Corporation is proud to announce Air Support, a completely new paradigm for unmanned law enforcement first response.   This new approach to airborne first response capability empowers agencies large and small to employ unmanned aircraft without purchasing any drones, sensors, or ancillary support equipment. The Impossible Air Support program members receive drone hardware, software, training, and support in a turnkey solution that is ready to deploy at a moment’s notice.

Consumer drones commonly used in law enforcement applications today force agencies to deal with the planned obsolescence of consumer products – what’s the “latest and greatest” today will be old news tomorrow. Air Support makes this a thing of the past by ensuring that member agencies always have access to the latest developments from Impossible Aerospace. When we come out with an improved sensor package or airframe, member agencies get these upgrades as deployed systems are turned over.

Equipped with powerful, long duration unmanned aircraft deployed from public agency facilities, the Air Support system is designed to get eyes on scene quickly, providing fresh intelligence to the command center team.  The program addresses the most complex challenges law enforcement agencies face in starting an unmanned aircraft program, including FAA clearances, program management, operator and tactical training, and aircraft maintenance; all in a managed cost system. 

Some law enforcement agencies have discovered the power of unmanned vehicles, but they have only scratched the surface of what’s possible.  We can see a future where an unmanned aircraft will do almost everything a helicopter can do, faster and for a fraction of the cost.   Our Air Support program takes all the guesswork out of starting a program and allows public service agencies to partner with a US company that will enable technology advancements at the speed of innovation.   Air Support program customers will benefit from new features and capabilities as they come online without the burden of new hardware acquisitions, and without the data security concerns that come with relying on an overseas supplier.  

Based in California, Impossible Aerospace Corporation is dedicated to building performance unmanned aircraft and integrated ISR solutions for those who protect and serve.