Jamming trial to effect electronic situational awareness devices and UAS system 40,000 FT AMSL

This one is interesting, FLARM and PilotAware are mentioned, 868, is also a frequency for some long-range C2 systems. The UK military is keeping up. So be aware if you are long-range flying on the Scottish borders at the end of the month.

Jamming activity will take place 10 – 21 February 2020, 0800 and 1800 GMT, near RAF Spadeadam and surrounding areas.

This may affect cockpit devices and UAS systems operating on 433MHz, 868MHz (FLARM/PilotAware), and 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz (WiFi) within 30 NM of 550306N 0023318W (spadeadam) up to 40,000 FT AMSL.

During the trials GPS moving maps and WiFi devices (including UAS systems) may suffer intermittent or total failure. GNSS jamming will also take place as part of this activity.

For further information contact: spectrum@caa.co.uk

In an Emergency or to cease jamming contact: 01697 747321 extensions 6386, 6375 or 6388.

Unfamiliar with the Spadeadam name? It’s where Top Gear did this.