PowerVision Hatching New All-In-One PowerEgg X

PowerVision Hatching New All-In-One PowerEgg X

PowerVision Robot Corporation, a global leader in smart drones, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality, is launching its newest product, the PowerEgg X, at CES 2020. The multi-function device can be used as an autonomous personal AI camera, as a handheld 3-axis AI camera, also a high-performance drone. In launching the PowerEgg X, PowerVision has created an entirely new product classification, the all-in-one autonomous personal AI camera category.

The instant-sharing PowerEgg X fills consumers’ demand for an all-in-one, smarter, easier-to-use, versatile, portable, cost-effective camera that, oh by the way, can also fly. It is equipped with a 4k/60fps HD camcorder with a three-axis gimbal. It produces professional quality images, whether it is used as an AI camera, handheld gimbal camera or a drone. All of this, in an IPX6 rated waterproof case that will be demonstrated at CES 2020 in our drone cage with a waterfall.

“‘Innovate the Future’ is our mission and innovation is in our DNA,” said Wally Zheng, Founder and CEO of PowerVision. “Three years in development, PowerEgg X pulls together the technology consumers are seeking and puts it in a small, elegant egg shape. With smart-image recognition tracking, image mechanical stabilization, and simple video-editing tools, it is easy for anyone to shoot material as if they were a professional-grade videographer. By creating a multi-purpose device, PowerVision has reduced the user’s total purchase cost, storage requirement, increased ease-of-use, and giving the user unprecedented convenience.”

Autonomous Personal AI Camera Mode

With the help of its powerful proprietary AI algorithm and robotics technology capabilities, the PowerEgg X enables facial recognition, deep learning, and a tracking field of view up to 170°. Subjects will always be in the middle of the video frame, even if the subject is playing sports, dancing, or running.

A unique spotlight feature automatically remembers a subject, allowing the PowerEgg X to track it, even if the subject moves in and out of the field of view. It also allows users to take a photo, record video, track movements, and capture a group photo by merely making gestures that are based on a deep-learning massive gesture database.

Handheld Gimbal Camera Mode

When switched into the handheld mode, the PowerEgg X captures all of life’s beautiful moments anytime, anywhere using its three-axis mechanical-stability augmentation gimbal and Autonomous Personal AI camera. It has a battery life of 3.5 hours and produces 4K/60fps UHD images while its three-axis gimbal helps resist vibration caused by external factors. PowerEgg X’s anti-shake feature outperforms optical image stabilization used in ordinary photography, guaranteeing superior, high-quality pictures.

Drone Mode

The PowerEgg X is a high-performance drone equipped with a 4K/60fps camera and tri-axial mechanical stability augmentation technologies, and it can be used for highly dynamic aerial photography. It is capable of flying in winds of up to 29-38 knots. It comes with waterproof accessories (waterproof case and landing float) that enable it to take off from and land on water, which is a first of its kind in the industry. It also performs well in heavy rain and other scenarios, such as aquatic events and at-sea rescue operations.

The PowerVision PowerEgg X is the world’s first consumer drone that can pick up sound. Its proprietary SyncVoice technology allows users to narrate in real-time by using their mobile phone’s microphone or a wireless earphone. The narration is then automatically synchronized with pictures, effectively ending silent-aerial photography. It works for up to 30 minutes in drone mode and features automatic obstacle avoidance, precise landing, and other practical functions.