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Insta360 Drone

Jack of all trades and master of none?

A big teaser from Chinese 360 camera maker Shenzhen Arashi Vision Co., Ltd. They make the Insta360, the name they trade under.

They blend three cameras into on in a video designed to spice up an announce during CES. It mentions drones.

If they do reveal a drone they have a huge advantage over the last camera maker that tried, GoPro, they are based in Shenzhen with access to dozens of manufacturers and all the parts with walking distance of each other.

They also have the advantage of time passing, all drone bits are better and cheaper.

It best have more than the Mavic Mini by a margin though if people are going to risk leaving the DJI ecosystem. A partnership between DJI and Insta360 would make lots of sense to invoke end-user confidence.

Should also be under 250g if it wants to fit into our brave new world.

Somehow I can’t help think this innovation might be a Christmas too late to market.

Good luck to them though, bring on the 7th.

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