Wednesday, July 14, 2021

DroneMapper 2019 Updates

DroneMapper Rapid and Remote Expert Version 20191028 has been released. Please download the latest version here. This release has the latest UI modifications, back-end API performance enhancements and features. See the full change log below:

  • Fixed tooltip bug and license display
  • Pre-generate 3 channel images (multi-threaded)
  • Add “GCP Tool” to Operations menu
  • New color preview orthomosaic for JPG imagery
  • Reduced redundant log output
  • Automatic pixel bit depth detection and processing “Settings” optimization
  • Fixed 16bit ortho rendering on map view
  • Remove local application settings on uninstall
  • Increased Remote Expert image limit to 10000
  • Enhancements to DEM algorithms, performance and reduced memory usage (for large data sets)
  • Reduction of memory by 70% for multi-threaded Orthomosaic creation and Seamline feathering
  • Included license removal/cleaner
  • Bug fix to scale feathered ortho to point cloud properly
  • Enhancements to process MicaSense Altum Red, Green, Blue, NIR, RedEdge, Thermal stacked TIFs
  • Refactored code to run original Ortho module or improved Seamline feathering module (not both as previously done/see settings)
  • New digital elevation model algorithm, noise reduction, smoothing option
  • MaxFlow/MinCut algorithm for DEM generation settings option
  • Improved dji mavic air, mavic 2, mavic pro, spark processing
  • Attempt generation of orthomosaic from NADIR images in a Oblique+NADIR “3D Mode” collection (requires ‘Gimbal Pitch Degree’ EXIF tags)
  • New setting to override/force UTM projection zone
  • Allow UTM results to be re-projected into any valid UTM or SPCS Proj4 EPSG
  • Many other updates:

Software Pricing: holidays and the very best from the DroneMapper team!

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