DJI M210 V2 RTK software for PPK processing

Klau Geomatics, industry leader in PPK and PPP applications for aerial mapping, has released a PPK post-processing solution for the new DJI M210 V2 RTK. 

The M210, a very popular drone for mapping, now has similar RTK technology to the Phantom4 RTK, capturing photo timing and raw GNSS data. This, with an X7 camera and processing with KlauPPK software, is an effective drone for accurate mapping and inspection.

Klau Geomatics has now developed software to do PPK processing on the data from the M210 V2 RTK. This alleviates the need for an RTK radio link, with limitations in range and poorer results due to patchy or lost data. Surveyors can use their existing survey-grade base station or access CORS data and save the cost of purchasing the DJI RTK base station. Data logged on the DJI base station is also compatible for PPK processing. 
PPK uses the complete data sets captured on the drone and at a base station, which could be 20 miles away, then processes this, forwards and backwards, to obtain the most reliable and accurate solution. 

The KlauPPK software processes the flight trajectory applies the lever arm correction for each photo (taking into account the tilts of the UAV) and synchronizes the event timing with the photos. Users can output coordinates in any published coordinate system, apply geoid models and generate localized worksite coordinates. 

“Mapping customers now have the option of using the high-quality KlauPPK hardware with their X7 on an M210 (or Inspire 2), or they can just buy the KlauPPK software if they have an M210 V2 RTK.

We create solutions for most user choices”, says Rob Klau, Director of Klau Geomatics. 

The KlauPPK software for the M210 V2 RTK is US$3000 for a perpetual license and is available free to try. Click here for more details.