A-techSYN UAS projects

A-techSYN UAS projects

Gokhan Celik

To properly understand what it is that A-techSYN would bring into a project, we should first mention who we are.

A-techSYN is a private Irish SME. We started working on Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) in 2013. The first product we developed is the PilotUS which is a generic Autopilot for UAVs. The electronics and software of PilotUS are developed in house and we own the IP to both.

After integrating PilotUS into several fixed Wing UAVs, we decided to focus on VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) fixed-wing UAV development in 2016.

The main points differentiating A-techSYN from other UAV developers and manufacturers are

  • We are a one-stop-shop. We design and manufacture the airframes we are using. We also design and produce %80 of all electronics and %100 of all software used in our UAS. Furthermore, we train our customers, provide technical support, integrate new payloads and perform MROs in house. 
  • We have extensive field experience. We have our own flight teams that serve our customers or fly for R&D purposes at least 750 hours and more than 200 days a year. 
  • We sell products, not prototypes. The UAVs we are promoting are already in use and NOT prototypes or ideas. We put great value in distinguishing what can be done from what has been done
  • We provide customized solutions. Since we have full access on software and hardware, we can easily integrate new equipment, make changes to software and provide a tailor-made solution to customer requirements.

A-techSYN is the perfect partner for projects involving UASs.

  • Partners can focus on the type, frequency, and quality of the data they want to collect and leave all flight-related issues to us
  • We will add any new equipment to the airframe, make adjustments to our software, establish a connection to the new equipment during flight, store or process the data and perform all the flights the project demands.
  • We will produce the data and documentation of all the work we are doing to be used in proper reports

Even when the projects demand a new, different size or type UAV to be developed, A-techSYN will take responsibility to provide the best solution. We will design, prototype, test, fly, optimize the new system within the time restrictions of the project. 

We are looking forward to working with you on all your projects,