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DJI response to the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee’s commercial and recreational drone use report


DJI is pleased that the House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee understands the important role drones will play in the UK’s future.

Its “Commercial and recreational drone use in the UK” Report is a thoughtful and detailed assessment of how to safely and responsibly integrate drones into British skies.

DJI supports its recommendations to make drone registration easier and less expensive; to encourage recreational drone use; and for drone manufacturers to implement geofencing and remote identification systems, as DJI has already done.

We are particularly encouraged that the Committee Report challenged many of the most fervent safety allegations made by drone critics, and is committed to recommending policies based on facts and evidence.

While DJI believes some elements of the Report need further review, it is an important step in establishing a roadmap for the UK to achieve the full benefits of this flourishing technology.

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