MMC UAV Griflion H – Fifteen-hour VTOL

MMC UAV launched its brand new hydrone H that features a record-breaking 15-hour flight time on September 17th in Germany during the InterGEO 2019, the world’s largest conference and trade fair for geodesy, geoinformation and land management. It is a hydrogen-powered vertical take-off and landing drone with an integrated design. MMC-developed hydrogen fuel battery shows great stability and tremendously extended drone flight time.

15-Hour Flight Time for Enhance Mission Efficiency

The biggest highlight of Griflion H is the elevated flight time thanks to its
high-efficiency metal bipolar plate hydrogen fuel cell with a maximum hydrogen storage capacity of 27L. Its flight time reaches a record-breaking 15 hours without payload and it can fly for 10 hours even with a 3kg payload while most drones in the market have a maximum 2-hour flight time. In mapping practice, the mission is usually interrupted by multiple take-offs and landings in different spots and hence accomplished in lower efficiency. The extended flight time of Griflion H greatly improved mission efficiency. Other features include convenient operation, high security, wide-coverage, zero-emission and low noise. Coupled with different payloads, it provides solutions for global customers in areas like surveying and mapping, rescue, security & protection, border scouting and forest scouting.

Industrial-chain Products with Integrated Design

As one of the few companies capable of industrial chain integration and independent research and development, MMC UAV has developed its own hydrogen fuel cell and other related products including hydrogen cylinder, pressure reducing valve, booster bump, and hydrogen production device.

MMC UAV has been devoted to matching hydrogen fuel cell with drones and launched the worlds first hydrogen-powered multirotor – HyDrone 1800 that filled the vacancy in the market. Its 273-minute flight time resolves the standing problem of short flight time among drones.

Griflion H has undergone overall upgrades in hydrogen fuel cell and drone design and established hydrogen fuel system that breaks its own flight time record. Low heat and silence make the new drone safer and more convenient. The integrated tightens the connection among drone, fuel cell and payload.