Aurora Technology Arts appoints Krešimir Dulić as CCO & CTO

Aurora Technology Arts appoints Krešimir Dulić as CCO & CTO

Former Intel Business Operations Manager to drive creation and expansion of Aurora Technology Arts’s new drone light show business unit.
Aurora Technology Arts (ATA) is proud to announce Krešimir Dulić as CCO (Chief Customer Officer) and CTO (Chief Technology Officer) for their new drone light show business unit. With more than seven years of experience and deep knowledge in the unmanned industry, Dulić will be in charge of the fleet development and the global sales strategy at Aurora Technology Arts.
Dulić got engaged with drones at Ascending Technologies (AscTec) in Krailling, Germany and was inspired attending one of the first great commercial drone light shows in London City: A Star Trek logo was formed by bright shining drones in the sky for Paramount Pictures in 2013.

As Senior Sales Associate he was responsible for AscTec´s international sales and support of
the famous AscTec Falcon 8 drone. Dulić´s strength in sales, technical foresight and customer understanding has supported the business growth and development sustainably. As Senior
Sales Associate, he introduced Topcon as worldwide distributor.
When AscTec was acquired by Intel in 2016, Dulić became Business Operations Manager and
Intel´s key contact for their tier-one customers and remain direct contact for Topcon EMEA.

At the Olympics’ in PyeongChang, he was part of the Drone team where they performed on a daily basis several drone flight shows with hundreds of Intel Shooting Star drones.
In his new role, Dulić is directing the technical development of ATA’s drone fleet for light shows. Furthermore, he is optimizing the commercial strategy leading the development for a global drone light show business:

“As more and more cities and event organizers think about their ecological responsibility they are opting for “digital fireworks” and alternate light shows that are more environmentally and animal-friendly. We at Aurora Technology Arts are prepared and able to deliver unforgettable experiences based on safe and smart drone light show technology combined with state-of-the-art professional show light equipment.”
“I can think of no one better than Kresimir Dulić helping grow Aurora’s drone light show business at this stage” said Peter Smiatek, Aurora Technology Art’s Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operations Officer.
About Aurora Technology Arts:

Aurora Technology Arts is a creative visual production company that creates immersive experiences for events with the synergy of art, innovative tools and emerging technologies.

Having over 20 years of experience in the international Show Business, Aurora Technology Arts is very successful with all kinds of stage light show designs. They are specialized in Visual Design, Media Technology, Projection-Mapping, Drone Show Systems, Laser, Special Effects, creative development and solutions.

Calling it the “digital firework of the future”, the next step for Aurora is to offer environmentally friendly and never before seen outdoor and indoor drone light shows in the live event business.
Aurora Technology Arts. Creating moments.