MoU inked between Turbo Jet Engines (Hyderabad) Private Limited – Johnnette Technologies Private Limited.

Johnnette Technologies Private Limited inks MoU with Turbo Jet Engines (Hyderabad) Private Limited in New Delhi on 9 th August, 2019. The manufacturing Unit for agricultural drones will be set up in Hyderabad. An agricultural drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle applied to farming in order to help increase crop production and monitor crop growth. Sensors and digital imaging capabilities can give farmers a richer picture of their fields. Thus, these views can assist in assessing crop growth and production. While most spraying is carried out using single drone units to either patch, strip or spot spray, rapidly developing technology within the drone may allow much larger areas to be sprayed in the future. Drones are already capable of communicating with each other to avoid collisions and to fly in formation. This could allow a string or swarm of drones to apply pesticide
across whole fields in the future.

While trials are under way, the main obstacle to success could lie in legislation with governments and military officials wary of terrorist threat presented by a swarm of unmanned aircraft.  The uses of agricultural drones are Soil and field analysis, Planting, Crop spraying, Crop monitoring, Irrigation and Health assessment.

MoU inked between Indian Institute of Drones – Multiplex Drone Private Limited. Indian Institute of Drones inks MoU with Multiplex Drone Private Limited for drone training at 3 levels:

Basic, Advanced and Agricultural Type Setting in Bangalore, 24 th July, 2019. Indian Institute Of Drones is recognized by Directorate General of Civil Aviation with reference number 05-13/2014-AED-Vo1-VII dated on 13 th July 2018.

About the Organization:

Johnnette Technologies Pvt Ltd. is a pioneer in the development of Unmanned Systems Technology in India. The company was started in April 2010 and since then the company has been providing cutting edge high-quality aerospace systems to the paramilitary, commercial, aerospace and defence sectors.

Johnnette Technologies was awarded the Best Technology Product Startup of the Year at SEDI Awards 2015, awarded best product of the year at ipf excellence awards 2017 and also awarded best top 200 msme India at skoch order-of-merit awards 2019. The training wing of Johnnette Technologies Private Limited, Indian Institute of drones (IID) is a registered non-profit organization under the educational trust acts India with Uttar Pradesh Government. The institute has already trained more than 1300+ drone pilots.

Indian Institute of Drones