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„Aurora Technology Arts“ offers tailor-made drone light shows

„Aurora Technology Arts“, the German expert for innovative creative visual productions, is now expanding its portfolio with “Aurora Drone Light Shows” and offering their customers tailored spectacular drone light shows – as a supplement to a multidisciplinary stage show, highlight and a magnet for big events, in adventure and amusement parks, at trade fairs, concerts or exclusively for corporate and private events in a class of their own.

“With the Aurora Drone Light Show, we are responding to the growing demand for drone light shows,” said Jens Hillenkötter, Executive Creative Producer of “Aurora Drone LightShows” and designer with over 20-year international light and stage experience. “Plus, we’re going ahead … or even ahead of time.

It was always a part of “Aurora Technology Arts” DNS to impressively integrate the latest technologies in our show concepts and to inspire the most demanding audience over and over again. “

For these new drone light shows, our show designer uses reliable and well-proven systems “to create a colorful fleet of light show optimized flight systems,” says Peter Smiatek, Founder and Owner of “Aurora Technology Arts”. “With this drone fleet specially developed for such shows, we bring the sky to light day and night. This is unique so far. “

Peter Smiatek himself is a pioneer of drone aviation and has been flying several different professional drones for his domestic and foreign clients for almost 10 years, which is a real house number in this still young industry. As an expert in drone aviation and an excellent pilot, he knows the requirements, possibilities, and limitations of such a drone-based light
show: “A sophisticated security concept that meets the available premises and locations with a sense of proportion is obligatory,” says Smiatek.
„Aurora Technology Arts“ offers its customers spectacular light & drone flight shows as a full-service production company: from conception through design to execution, customers receive a show tailored to their framework condition and meet all safety conditions is. All authority procedures and flight safety concepts required for the show are developed by the team of “Aurora Drone Light Shows” together with the local authorities.

“We work very efficiently and, in the implementation, only cooperate with proven partners from the show business. From experience we know how enthusiastic our customers are of the possibilities we offer you with our technologies and the live impact of such a show, “says Hillenkötter. “Of course, it always depends on the effort and scope of such a show. Even
a small swarm of luminous points of light in the sky, which conjures up the name of the event or a company logo in the air, is impressive. “

About “Aurora Technology Arts”: Based in Rietberg, near Gütersloh in North Rhine-Westphalia, “Aurora Technology Arts” is known throughout the industry as a full-service production company for impressive show productions. Design, creativity, and innovation meet the nerve of an entertainment-conscious audience and make spectacular, visual experiences through new technologies.

Learn more: www.technology-arts.com

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